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Letterbox Flowers

A range of fresh flowers chosen by an experienced florist in either pastel tones or vibrant colours delivered to the customer safely through their letterbox.
Pastel Letterbox

These will be the florist’s choice of assorted pastel coloured flowers and complementary foliage.  While we cannot guarantee the types of flowers used, you can be assured that the florist’s choice is always beautiful with delicate, soft romantic colours and a distinctive feminine feel.

Disclaimer: Pictures are only for reference. Jug/vase is not included.

Vibrant Letterbox

Vibrant colours are so cheerful and bring joy to the recipient. Flower varieties cannot be guaranteed but as this range is designed by an experienced florist, we can guarantee that the flowers and foliage will be bright and cheerful and will look stunning when arranged in a vase.

Disclaimer: Pictures are only for reference. Jug/vase is not included.

Pretty in Pink

Pink and white is a beautiful and popular combination suitable for so many occasions. This is a stunning  collection of fifteen assorted pink and white flowers and foliage. Flowers will be a combination of chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, freesias and carnations. (If you do not want lilies please let us know and we can substitute these with other flowers)

Disclaimer: Pictures are only for reference. Jug/vase is not included.

Rainbow Tulips

Twenty assorted stems of tulips are beautifully presented in this letterbox, ready for you to carefully recut and place in a vase. Colours will vary throughout the tulip season.


Disclaimer: Pictures are only for reference. Jug/vase is not included.

About the service:

Letterbox FlowersIn keeping with our overall philosophy of keeping things as natural as possible, our boxes are made of recyclable cardboard, and our Kraft paper and raffia used to protect and secure your flowers during transit, are also recyclable as is our instruction leaflet. The flowers are well-conditioned prior to packing and are carefully placed in the box in such a way as to minimise damage to the buds and stems during transit. Of course, the flowers will look dehydrated and some petals and leaves will be a bit creased on arrival. However, if the recipient follows these instructions the flowers will soon rehydrate and give days of enjoyment.

  • prepare a clean vase with water and the flower food provided,
  • recut the flower and foliage stems
  • Arrange the flowers and foliage in the vase.
Terms and Conditions for ordering our letterbox flowers:

When you have made your choice of flower collection, Pastel or Vibrant, please indicate your preferred delivery date.

Our flowers are sent by Royal Mail First Class Service. Royal Mail can not guarantee that products will arrive the next day.

Next day delivery is not always possible. Ideally we need 48 hours to process your order.

Royal Mail do not deliver on a Sunday nor on a Bank Holiday Monday

Some post codes in the UK are a forty eight hour delivery service, for example some of the Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

The cards included are only small so please keep the messages short. Offensive messages will not be transmitted.

By continuing with this order you agree to the above terms and conditions.